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Simply Sign Up using your email address and claim your username. Use your existing PayPal or Stripe account to enable payments. And then add the digital content or services you want to sell as products. Share your link to your potential clients, audience or social media and make it easy and fast to get paid for what you do.

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No extra charge, commission or fees. Just pay what you usually do with PayPal and Stripe.

See How Others Use Atom Basic

From remote workers and freelancrs to fitness trainers, Atom Basic enables anybody to monetize their content or digital services.

Atom Basic for Fitness Trainers 

Meet James Moore, a 48 year old fitness trainer based out of Los Angeles. James dedicates most of his free time to grow his fitness following on Instagram, building content that both motiaves, and teaches. He uses Atom Basic as a link in the bio of his Instagram Profile, leading his followers to subscribe to coaching sessions and impactful training programs.

Atom Basic for Freelancers

Meet Trisha Duarte, a 34 year old consulting professional based out of New York City. Trisha spends a lot of time at business networking events, meeting with small to medium sized business owners. She uses Atom Basic to help facilitate immediate transactions with business owners she meets, from offering free initial consultations to brain storming sessions. 

Atom Basic for Dog Walkers

Meet Sandra Davis, a 28 year old dog walker based out of Buffalo, New York. Sandra is an experienced and passionate dogwalker that loves each and one of her furry pals. Most Sandra's customers are either repeat customers or direct refferals. She uses Atom Basic to quickly collect payments after dog walking sessions. Recently she has been using Atom Basic to sell her newly published Ebook, which has helped establish herself as a knowledgable pet caretaker. 

Atom Basic for Influencers

Meet Kelly Ramos, a 25 year old travel influencer and content creator based out of Miami, Florida. Kelly has been building a social media empire ever since she quit her corporate accounting job to pursue traveling. When Kelly's social media follow started to grow on Instgram, TikTok and SnapChat, she dediced to start monetizing her offerings. With Atom Basic, Kelly easily shares her link with her audience, and it's easy to use share feature makes it easy for her biggest fans to share with their friends. 





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